Fitts Valley Ski Tow
Run by the Chelsea Fish and Game Club
Chelsea, VT

History ~ Historical Photos ~ Memories


Many thanks to Rich Gilman who has filled us in with more details on this ski area! This area operated from 1962-1971, with a 950' long rope tow, according to Vermont Tramyway inspections. Here's what he knows:

Fitts Valley Ski Tow operated from 1962-1971 on Sunday afternoons. It was owned and operated by the Chelsea Fish & Game Club. It was very popular in the mid 60’s but faded away as the snowmobile craze took over. The tow was approximately 900 ft in length. It had one main slope but a more gradual slope, the “back trail” was also used. Refreshments were sold in the warming hut at the bottom of the hill with music blaring on some speakers placed outside for all to enjoy.

Season pass prices - only $10/year for adult members! Click on the ad for the larger version.
Courtesy Rich Gilman.

According to Dirk Anderson and Dave Levasseur, The rope tow is still visible to the south of the corner of the East Randolph Road and Brook Road in southwestern Chelsea. If anybody is driving through, please take a photo for us!

This 1996 view shows the slope still fairly clear.


Historical Photos

Rich Gilman sent in two more images of the ski area, showing the view of the slope (including a ticket), and the engine for the tow. Click on both photos for a larger version.

A 1964 view shows the open slope and 950' long rope tow. Note that the area was on the Fitts farm, and tickets were just $1.50 for adults!
A view of the motor for the rope tow at the summit, along with the operator's shack.


Do you remember this lost area? If so, let us know.

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