Crotched Mountain Base Area
August 8, 2002

Much activity is taking place near the base of the mountain. Trees are being cleared, lifts have been delivered. However, there is still plenty of evidence of the former operation.

Starting from the west and working our way east, we fist see the remains of the old pony lift. No other piece of the lift remains besides this base wheel. 


Just east of the old pony is the old beginner slope. These condos are just above it, and most are still occupied. 

A junk pile is found near the old pony lift. Here you can see a mangled old snowmaking cannon.

Trees are being cleared from the mountain.

Here's a view of the old Crotched Mountain Alpine Training Center (CMATC), which was built for the ski team.  They were a non profit organization with the purpose of teaching young athletes how to ski race. 

Here's a view from the base of the mountain.

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