Crotched Mountain Base Lodge
August 8, 2002

The following shots are taken in or near the base lodge. This building will be torn down or burned. It is really in disrepair after 12 years of weathering, vandalism, and no upkeep.

Here's a view of the base lodge, also showing the new lift towers. Notice how unattractive it is, the boarded up windows, and how unsafe it looks.


On the outside of the lodge is a sign saying "Ski Crotched in 1990-1991". I believe that it did not operate that year.
Inside the lodge, vandals have sure made a mess of things. It was almost completely dark in there, but you can barely make out the cafeteria. Notice the cup lids all over the floor.

Inside a lower room in the lodge, the owner's son and I discovered this excellent huge aerial shot of Crotched and Bobcat (or Onset). The original Crotched is on the left, and Bobcat is on the right. Sorry about the flash mark, it was just so dark in there.

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