Crotched Mountain Summit T-bar
August 8, 2002

This Hall T-bar used to serve beginner terrain near the West Double during the 1970's and 1980's. It was resurrected near the summit around 1987. Skiers could either get to the T-bar by riding up the summit quad and skiing down, or by first riding the Valley Double. The main benefits of this lift was to allow expert skiers to make many rapid descents.

This lift will be removed, as it is really outdated. Some of the bars have been vandalized, and are missing half of their T's (making them J's). The liftline is really grown in.

The base of the T-bar, and base hut.


Inside the lift hut, showing the busted machinery.

Looking up the summit lift line, very grown in.

A view of a liftline tower near the summit.

A partially busted T-bar near the top.

The summit terminal of the T-bar.

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