Crotched Mountain West Double
August 8, 2002

The West Double will be refurbished, and will be the only original lift left at Crotched. Its a classic Hall double, installed around 1969. Tim Boyd's son showed me around this portion of the mountain on an ATV. The vertical drop of this lift is about 600'.

Here's a view of the base station of the double. Notice how grown in it is! 


Partially up the lift line, we came across this piece of macinery. That crane is really a "tree shredder". It literally shreds trees from the top down! Very quick and effective. 

About halfway up the West Double. Notice how close the lift is to the condos. People have been maintaining this area of the mountain, notice how kept the lawn is.

From the same point as the above picture, looking up the mountain. Notice how grown in the liftline is!

At the top of the liftline, we came across the summit terminal.

A close up of a Hall double chair, at the top.

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