Deerfield, MA
Up to the 1970s

According to Jeremy Clark, there is a lost ski area located in Deerfield, Massachusetts:

I just recently graduated from Eaglebrook School back in 1998. This private school is a rarity, as it has its own ski mountain, serviced by a T-Bar (soon to be a double chair). Ever since its founding back in the 1920s, it has been well known for its skiing program.

The original rope tow and trails at Eaglebrook were located behind the current Keith Dormitory and are slightly visible, although very much grown in. They were serviced by a rope tow, which became obsolete when the T-Bar was installed in the current area (which is south of the lost area).

A new trail from the current area now crosses the top of the old rope tow area. The growth on the old area is now at least 6-8 feet tall.

For those who wish to know where the two areas are, Eaglebrook is located off Routes 5 & 10, about 3-4 miles south of the Greenfield/Deerfield border. You can see the mountain very clearly when traveling westbound on Route 2, coming from Shelburne to Greenfield. The current ski area has a vertical drop of probably 300-400 feet while the old one was about half of that.

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