Copy Cat Ski Area
AKA Koppy Cat
Glenville, NY
Before 1970's?-1980's?

Copy Cat (aka Koppy Cat) was a private members only ski club that operated in Glenville from before the 1970's until likely the 1980's. It was located on Johnson Rd, just a few hundred feet down the road from Ski Venture (still open). The area was founded when members on the waiting list at Ski Venture decided to build their own ski area across the street.

The area had 2 rope tows, and a few slopes and trails. The vertical was about 100'. As you can see from this map, it was located just down the street from Ski Venture. Also, another lost ski area, Ridge Runner, is located on the same ridge to the east (left) of this map.

The area is on posted land, so please do not trespass. Here's a view though form Johnson Road, showing a power pole. The tow shack was right near this power pole. As you can see, the trails have REALLY grown in. Aug. 25, 2004.
On this map of Ski Venture (from Ski, you can see a few trails from Copy Cat, just across the street from Ski Venture. Note too that the former Ridge Runner Ski Area was located off Ridge Rd.


Jim Denney: I learned in the late 70's across the road from Ski Venture at Copycat, a rope tow served private club that closed sometime in the 80's

Ed Kudlacik of Ski Venture: As an aside there were several places on the same "mountain" ridge as ski venture. All of them came after ski venture and have now disappeared. The one that is most visible today, although has not operated in 25 plus years is Copy Cat. Since Ski venture charter only had the provisions of 99 families and there was a waiting list, several of the folks waiting to join started another ski area across the road -- thus the name copy cat.

Copy cat is hard to see during the summer time -- as the foliage drops you can see the one rope tow and possibly make out the slope. The second rope tow is visible from the road at any time of year but it is hard to see and you need to know where it is.

If you have more information on this area just let us know.

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