Corey Hill Ski Club
Salem, NY
Years operational unknown

Thanks to my friend Colleen Converse, we now know of this club owned area in Salem. Here are her details:

"I asked my friend about the ski area and she said it was small.  It was called the Corey Hill Ski Club and was located in the north, western part of Salem.  There was a cabin and a rope tow that was operated by a late model car jacked off its rear wheels so the rear axle could run the tow.

That is where they have the video from.  She also told me about another spot they cleared to ski.  The rope tow there was operated by a tractor and there also was a small cabin.  That spot was just a few local people working together though and not really open to the public.  I just liked the idea of a tractor tow.

Corey hill is not used now because as more people joined they needed to buy insurance which forced the fees up.  As the fees went up less people joined forcing them to raise fees more to cover costs- kind of a spiraling.  Jill was really young so she thinks there might have been other issues but the insurance- from what she remembers- was kind of the breaking point that closed the club."

Anybody else remember this area? If so, let us know!

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