Gore Mountain (The Original)
Little Gore
North Creek Beginner T-bar
North Creek, NY
Mid 1930's-Present

Its amazing how much history this small area has. It began in the mid 1930's as a Snow Train destination, with a few rope tows. It then added a Constam T-bar to the summit. At some point in the 1960's it added a beginner T-bar. And finally, in the late 1980's the main T-bar closed, leaving only the beginner one to operate.

We'll have much more on the development of the original Gore Mountain, complete with historical pictures, trail maps, and current pictures. This page focuses on what still operates.

North Creek continues to operate the beginner T-bar on weekends and holidays only. There is no snowmaking, however, Gore Mountain does provide a groomer every once in a while to smooth things out. The slope has a drop of only 200' or so, but is somewhat rolling, and is excellent beginner terrain.

For more information on this area, read this great Ski Magazine article by clicking here.

Betsy McDonough, Chris Bradford, and Jeremy checked out this area after skiing Gore on Jan 27, 2001. Here are some photos:

The loading station of the T-bar.

Jeremy and Betsy pretending to ride the lift.
Jeremy holding a bar while looking up at the slope. The original Gore Mountain is all grown in and is located to the right.

Rick Rosenspire visited this area on April 1, 2002, and took the following shots. Here's his son next to the base of the T-bar, showing a closeup of the bar.


A view of the area from the base. The original Gore Mountain is located on the peak above the T-bar base.

If you have more information on this area just let us know.

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