Hickory Ski Center
Warrensburg, NY
Progress Update July, 2009

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This is the first in a series showing the restoration of Hickory. Work on Hickory began in the summer of 2009, with trails being cleared, lifts being cleaned up and refurbished, and the base lodge repaired. The work is very much in progress, so the images below show just a starting point. Click on all images for a larger, more detailed version. Photos are from July 11, 2009.

Many thanks to Bill van Pelt IV of Preserve Hickory Skiing Inc. for giving me permission to explore HIckory and for Shawn Dempsey, General Manager showing us around!

Base of Ski Area ~ Base Lodge ~ Lifts ~ Trails ~ Summit

Base of Ski Area

Here's a view of the ski area from the parking lot. You can see the lowest slopes have been mowed. Note the T-bar on the far left. The main lodge is a short walk up the dirt road on the right. 

You can also see the summit poma lift line in the middle of the mountain.

Base Lodge

Work is progressing on rehabbing the main lodge. The first floor on the left is the cafeteria, with the top being a potential lounge.
The cafeteria is being cleaned and fixed up.

The ceiling is being repaired as well. This is taken from the seating area in the lodge. Not pictured is a giant fireplace in the middle of the room which keeps the lodge quite toasty.


This classic Hall T-bar from the early 1960's remains in great shape!

The unload for the T-bar has been cleared somewhat.
The base of Poma 1, the mid mountain Poma.

Poma 1's midway unload. We did not hike to the top of this lift. 

The base of Poma 2, which goes to the summit.


Most of the lower slopes have been mowed/cleared, such as these by the lower T-bar. Many of the upper slopes are in need of clearing, which will take place the summer. It is amazing how fast trails grown back in if not cleared regularly.


The summit features spectacular views of the southern Adirondacks. Here is the view looking down the Winfall trail, also showing Poma 2. It was a bit hazy, but you can make out the Hudson and Schroon River below.
The Poma 2 unload at the summit.

Finally, the "Roost", a summit warming hut. Definitely in need of work, but once repaired, will be a great place to stop at the top.

Last updated July 25, 2009

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