Hoosac School
Hoosick, NY
Years operational unknown, reopened 2003

Thanks to "SPARKY011451", we first heard of this area that once operated in Hoosick, and does again. Here are the details:

"I seem to recall that the Hoosac school had a rope tow. It could be seen from the road where routes 7 and 22 joined. I have not seen it there for a while. This appears to be a prep school that is still active."

To the right is an overhead view of the school. A straight line resembling a lift line is marked. This may or may not be the exact area.


In 2003, the area reopened! We first heard of this from Nancy at the school. This is a rare case of a lost school area reopening. It has a handle tow now and a few trails. Here's one pic of the handle tow, taken by Richard Fields. For lots of more pictures, please visit the Hoosac School site at http://www.hoosac.com/skilift/index.html.

Other NELSAP readers wrote to us about the reopening:

Ben Moss, Hoosac School Director of Technology: Good News! The Hoosac School Ski Trail/ Lift which has been out of operation, and the lift removed for 20 years or more is now BACK IN OPERATION! We've purchased a lovely new tow bar system and reclaimed the old trail. On our website, the guy in the red jacket is me.

Patricia Quiñones: Hoosac School a coed prep boarding school has reestablished their rope tow on their school property in Hoosick, NY. My son attended this school and I just read in their alumni magazine that they thinned the woods and sold the lumber to raise money to put in a rope tow for the campus. The new rope tow will be located on the same hill.

If you have more information on this area just let us know.

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