Katonah Memorial Park
Katonah, NY

Thanks to Rick Palmesi, we now know of this lost area in Katonah. He took the following photos in August of 2005. Here's his information:

Rick: I have stumbled upon a small lost ski slope with the remains of a rope tow in the town next to me.

The Location is at the Katonah Memorial Park in Katonah, NY. It is completely overgrown but the remains of the rope tow are still visible (see the attached pictures). Walking it off, the tow seems to be about 600 feet long and roughly 120' of vertical drop.

I haven't found anyone around that knows much about it other than it operated in the 1950's and it was driven from the top with an old pickup truck chassis.

To the right - the old liftline.


More of the old liftline.
Looking down the liftline, note the pulley and tower.

The #3 rope tow tower.
The end of the tow, return mechanism.

If you have more information on this area just let us know.

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