Lightning Hill
Between Greenwich and Center Falls, NY
Years operational unknown

Thanks to two NELSAP readers, we now know about this former ski area. Here are their details:

Colleen Converse: I asked around and Lightning hill was located on rte 29 east of Greenwich. Go past the speed limit increase to 40 and the public beach on the right. It was just past the beach on the left. It is a white house with a brown barn. There now is a driving range up on the hill. The barn used to be a "lodge" area. If you get to the mill you have gone too far.

Cory Clechenko: I believe it was called Lightning hill (or something to that effect). It was on the North side of rte 29 between Greenwich and Center Falls NY, along the Battenkill river. It was (and is?) a farm. Not much of a slope, but I think there was rope tow, and maybe some cross country trails. I believe there was also a driving range there after the ski slope closed, and that too may now be closed down.

If you have more information on this area just let us know.

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