Millbrook School
Millbrook, NY

Thanks to Guyton Thorne, we now know of this area in Millbrook. Here are his details:

I went to Millbrook School in Millbrook NY, Class of '77. Millbrook had a small ski area served by a rope tow with and old car engine (make unknown). There were two main trails which can bee seen in the attached photos. My first year the ski hill was not running but on and off during my last two years the hill was active thanks to the help of the ski team coach Thomas (Dizzy) Doelger and a few enthusiastic skiers who were on the team that year and tired of walking up. I was on the hockey team so I did not work on the tow but enjoyed it with friends on the weekend. We used to ski down either slope and try to keep as much speed coming up to the base of the rope tow so we would not have to gain all our uphill momentum at the expense of our ski glove palm ! Needless to say there was never any line. It was usually just 3 or 4 of us and you could go round and round without really stopping until you were worn out. The rope tow ran from a small shack up the yellow line in the photo.

I know the tow was there long before I attended. It has run on and off based on student faculty interest and as far as I know has not operated in several years. I believe the engine and hardware are all still present but have not verified this. Hopefully it will entertain the students again some day. 

An aerial shot of the area, showing the rope tow line and several slopes.

If you have more information on this area just let us know.

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