Snowy Acres
Cobleskill, NY
Before 1948-After Late 1950's

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Snowy Acres was a typical rope tow area that operated in Cobleskill (map to the right, 1951) sometime before 1948 until at least the late 1950's. It was owned by Edward Bunkoff who also taught the ski school along with a Donald Stuart. The area originally opened with a long 1200' tow which served 2 slopes, then added a shorter beginner rope tow around 1950. Snowy Acres could host up to 400 skiers per day and was open weekends and holidays. The skiing was certainly affordable - lift tickets were $1.50 for adults and $1.00 for children.

Our sources for this area end in 1959. It is certainly possible that the area operated into the 1960's. Today, the area has grown in but is still visible near Exit 22 off Rte 88.

If you have any pictures or more information for this area, just let us know.


Snowy Acres by the Year

Year Lifts Trails Other Info Source
1948-1949 1200' tow Same as below $1.50 a day, operates weekends and holidays, 1030am - 5pm. Instruction by Edward Bunkofff and Donald Stuart Ski New York Guide
1951 1200' and 300' tows, 750 skiers/hour 1000' North Slope, 250' drop, 500' wide, needs 8" to ski, maximum pitch 30 degrees. 1500' Snowy Acres Slope, 200' wide, needs 6" to ski, maximum pitch 35 degrees. Capacity of 400 skiers/day, heated shelter serves refreshments. Edward Bunkoff, owner. $1.50 adults, $1.00 children. Ski New York 1951 Guide
Mid 1950's Same Same Same Ski New York Guide
1958-1959 2 tows 2 slopes Snacks available Where to Ski in New York State

Views of the Area

Here's a view of the area from Exit 22 off Rte 88. I was visiting Howe Cavern on Feb 27, 2002 with a friend of mine so we decided to check it out. The slope is inaccessible and appears to be on private property. The Cavern is a neat place to check out, quite surprising for the area.

The Terraserver view of the area today. You can see that it is fairly grown in.

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