Strawberry Hill
Queensbury, NY
Early 1950's

Thanks to Russ Murray, we now know about this area in my town of Queensbury. Here are his details:

This "tow" was located on Bay Road to the north of Glens Falls between the city and Dunham's Bay on Lake George and was on Strawberry Hill. I learned to ski there in the early 1950's along with many other Glens Falls youngsters. The hill was operated by the Adams family and they were the instructors as well. I remember the parents only as Mr. and Mrs. but the son was Bruce. He was the first amputee skier that I had ever seen and was a great instructor for a group of kids. The talk was that he had been injured in the "war" (WW II or Korea?) but I don't think anyone really asked. Mr. Adams would cruise through town early Saturday morning and we would throw ourselves and our gear into the back of a large black vehicle (no seatbelts - no seats!) for the short ride to the hill.

 Mornings were spent climbing the hill for the short ride down; herringbone for the "advanced" and sidestep for the beginners. Once the slope was thus "groomed" and we had our lunch, they would try (heavy on the "try") to fire up the old car at the top of the hill around whose left rear wheel was wrapped the rope for our "tow". If the tow gods were kind and there was enough fuel, we had the lift for the afternoon. 

Little remains of the hill. The traffic engineers decided that the curve around Strawberry Hill was a hazard and sometime in the mid 1960's removed most of the hill to correct that problem. Current maps show this location as "Old" Bay Road.

I can confirm there is little to see there, this location certainly surprised me as it was the last spot I'd look for a lost area. Its only about a mile from where I live.

If you have more information on this area just let us know.

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