Devil's Hole
?, PA

Thanks to Kevin Whipple, we now know of this lost ski area in Pennsylvania. According to Kevin, Devil's Hole ski tow was shut down after devastating forest fires, ignited by a nearby railroad, destroyed the base lodge and most of the hillside sometime in the 1950's. It was never rebuilt afterwards.

Not much else is known about this area. If you remember skiing here, let us know.

Kevin Whipple visited the area in late 2004 and took the following pictures, showing what is left of this lost area.

This is a pic of the remnants of the base lodge. Notice the two chimneys. There were two fireplaces on two different floors. All that remains is the foundation, and some very small sections of the roof.

This pic shows the remains of what might have been a lift shack

This pic is from the base of the tow line. Notice the sheave wheel attached to tree, the only remains of the tow.
This is a pic of the only found sheave wheel.

This is a view down the tow line. Heavy erosion and it's grown in a bit.

If you have more information on this area just let us know.

Page last updated: Jan 27, 2005

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