Henryville House Retreat
Henryville, PA
c1930's-Late 1970s

Thanks to Kevin Whipple, we now know of this lost area in Henryville. Here are his information and photos, from 2004.

I want to inform you about a lost ski area that exists in Henryville, PA (Monroe County).  It was on the grounds of the Henryville House Retreat.  This was a famous Pocono Mountain retreat dating back to the 1700's.  The area was known for world-famous trout fishing.  It hosted many distinguished guests like Presidents, Grover Cleveland and Theodore Roosevelt, and once featured performances by Buffalo Bill Cody and Annie Oakley.  All food was provided by an on-site farm.  The resort has long since shut down, and the primary hotel building has been demolished (sadly).

(Right - the base of the rope tow)

The hill is situated right along side the former hotel.  The Henryville Post Office now occupies the bottom of the main slope, making this area very easy to find.  It is right along Rte. 940, about 100 yards north of the intersection of 940 and Rte. 715.  The hotel stood on the corner of these two roads.  Only a couple of outbuildings remain.  The base of the rope tow is right next to the post office parking lot.  The lower shack and some electrical components remain.  Most of the towers are still standing with the sheave wheels still attached.  From the bottom, the main slope is still very visible and clear to the right of the liftline (which was also fairly clear).  

(Left - the main slope, and post office)

On the right is an image of the rope tow liftline, still fairly clear beneath the pines.

At the top of the liftline stands the remnants of the drive station which appeared to have been an old tractor.  The top of the hill was a pine glade with one primary slope.  There may have been some narrow trails splitting off from this main slope, but I am not sure.  There might also have been a second tow at the area serving a beginner meadow on the other side of the post office, but I did not have the time to investigate this area.  My tight time schedule on this particular day did not allow me to really root around, but I did not see any signs of snowmaking, or grooming.   Still, that is not to say there was none.  The area closed in the late 1970's, either with the hotel, or from pressure by larger local ski hills.

(Left - looking down the main slope)

I first learned of this area from Andy Banks.  He says that he first learned to ski at the area in the early 1970's.  He remembers the main rope tow, but doesn't recall a second.  In the pine glade at the top was a picnic grove where people would gather, and there was a steep, little trail leading from here to the base.  The rope tow was there for as long as he can remember, which could be as far back as the 1930's given the history of the resort.  It shut down in the late 1970's.  He recalls the base lodge being between the tow and the hotel.  It was a glorified pool house in the summer.  It was a happening place in the winter with a bar/lounge, pool tables, ping pong, shuffleboard, a snackbar, and a dance hall.

(Right - machinery for the rope tow at the summit)

The aerial shot from 1999 does not show much, but you can make out a few of the trails in the woods. The new post office is now at the bottom of the slope, not shown here. According to Zach Dancy, the post office replaced an older one across the road, which burned around 2000.

If you have more information on this area just let us know.

Last updated: Dec 2, 2007

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