Miller Mountain
Tunkhannock, PA
Years operational unknown

Thanks to Kevin Thomas, we now know of this area in Tunkhannock. We are still researching this area, but thought we'd show Kevin's pictures of the area in February 2005. Here's his pictures and commentary:

This is a shot of the mountain from the Wal-Mart near it's base. It is perfectly north facing. The summit is obscured in the clouds. This mountain commands the view from the town of Tunkhannock.

This pic is a look down one of the trails. There is a road that runs up this trail that looks to get use by 4WD trucks
This pic is of a trail intersection. The undergrowth has reclaimed most of the trails, but ATV's keep tracks along some routes.

This is a pic of an interesting looking trail. Erosion has been heavy on many of the trails, but there is evidence that perpendicular drainage ditches were dug on some of the trails.
This pic is looking down one of the trails. Most of the trails that were cut are on the lower portion of the mountain. There are signs that work was beginning on upper mountain trails, but no definite trails can be found at higher elevations (only logging roads).

If you have more information on this area just let us know.

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