Help Support NELSAP!

I hope you have enjoyed visiting my website, NELSAP! Many people have been very gracious to the website, contributing lots of information, enriching the site.

There are more ways that you can help support the website. Since NELSAP receives no financial funding of any kind, these ways are very important for our continual growth. All money raised through these services goes towards funding the website, collecting new information, and visits to lost areas to document them.

But the best part is you can make money as well! These programs pay you to surf the web, some up to 50 cents per hour. NELSAP receives money when you are online. Most programs put in an ad "bar" at the top or bottom of your browser. Be sure to use NELSAP's ID if you sign up. Just click on each logo to go to that website. NELSAP's ID is included in each link.

Good luck!

Jeremy Davis

Founder, NELSAP

All Advantage pays you 50 cents an hour, up to 25 hours/month. They also pay you 10 cents/hour for anybody you refer to the program. And 5 cents/hour to anybody that your friends refer.
GoToWorld pays 40 cents an hour and lets you run an ad browser while you do any activity on your computer, from chatting to word processing.
One of the best services, pays you 40 cents/hour, for an UNLIMITED number of hours. And you don't need to be browsing either.
Be paid is coming soon. And when they do, they could pay you several dollars per hour, which could really, really add up. Sign up now, the service is coming in March.
MValue pays about 50 cents per hour for ads viewed over the web.
Get paid to surf the net, get paid to receive E-mails, get paid to sign-up for programs, and get paid to play games on Spedia's site


This service pays 50 cents/hour or so, up to 40 hours a month. Thats their target!
Another surfing service which will pay you depending on advertising revenue.
Another good service which hopes to pay $1.00 an hour once they get a few weeks! Sign up and be ready once they do.
Another site coming soon, sign up today and be ready when its available. Good part is, you don't need to be surfing for this one either. Pays up to 51 cents/hour.
All Community is coming soon as well. It will pay 50 cents/hour no matter what you're doing on your computer, as long as your online.
Urge 2 Net could pay up to $1.00 per hour. It hopes to start up soon! Sign up today.
This service pays you 5 cents an email, and more if you refer others. Sends you a check once you hit $10.