NELSAP Trivia Contest 2001
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First Place: Four pack of lift tickets, good anytime thru end of season
Second Place: Three pack of lift tickets, good anytime thru end of season
Third Place: Two pack of lift tickets, good anytime thru end of season

The trivia contest is now over! First and second place were drawn from all the correct answers, while third was drawn from all remaining correct and incorrect answers. Here are the winners:

First Place: Cindy Clarkson
Second Place: Andy Dufresne
Third Place: Graham Severance

Thanks to the 30 people who entered into this contest! We hope to run another similar contest soon before the end of the year. The following are the answers to the questions:

1. What closed ski area had/has a gondola that not only crossed a major road, but was impossible for skiers to ski to the absolute base of it? Hint: One of the towers now stands in a McDonalds Parking lot.

Mt. Whittier, NH

2. Name one of several closed upside down ski areas (parking lot on top).

Lots here: Big Red, MA; King Ridge, NH; Sky-Hy, ME; Eastover, MA; Ohoho, CT; Flagg Hill, MA; Mt. Agamenticus, ME; just to name a few

3. Which closed northern New England ski area, slated for redevelopment in a few years, is accessible via ski trail from Cannon Mountain?

Mittersill, NH

4. What lost NH ski area operated with an alpine slide and was owned at one time by Attitash? (Hint: this area is quite close to a still operating mid-sized mountain).

Alpine Ridge/Mt. Rowe, NH

5. What closed ski area shares not only the name, but the property of a water bottling plant?

Poland Spring, ME

6. What Vermont lost area was open, then closed, then reopened, then closed, then reopened as a part of a much larger resort on the other side of the mountain, then closed for good.

Glebe Mountain Farm/Timber Ridge/Timberside at Magic, VT

7. What lost ski area operated with no rope tows, chairlifts, or t-bars...but with an incline railroad?

Mt. Uncanoonuc, NH

8. What Massachusetts ski area used a truck instead of a traditional lift as primary transportation to take skiers to the summit?

Moose Hill, MA

9. What lost Maine ski area had two skiers injured in a chairlift derailment?

Mt. Agamenticus, ME

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