Day 1 and 2
The Canyons
Jeremy's Talk
Park City Resort
Park City, UT

Day 1 - The Canyons

Betsy and Chris had arrived in Salt Lake on Jan 19, Jeremy flew in on the 20th. Originally Chris and Betsy were going to ski Snowbasin, but decided to try out the Canyons. Jeremy didn't know this, and was planning on skiing The Canyons for a half day on the 20th. Ironically, we all bumped into each other outside the mid-mountain lodge! Definitely a good day for skiing.

Here's a cool lift at The Canyons! Its a cabriolet...a stand up open air gondola which transports skiers from the parking lot to the lodge. It was built by CTEC.

The skiing was great too...we'll add more pictures after we get back home.

Day 2 - Jeremy's Talk and Park City Resort

At the Ski History Congress, Jeremy presented a paper on NELSAP-our goals, some stats, pictures, and conclusions. Here he is making a PowerPoint presentation. We received lots of positive responses from other ski history representatives.
After morning talks, conference members and us had a guided tour of Park City. Good skiing...interesting conditions with 50mph ridgetop winds! Here's the Olympic venue at Park City for the Giant Slalom.