Hickory Ski Center, located in Warrensburg, NY (near Lake George), is a ski area which truly captures the essence of skiing in the past. Here, the trails are all natural and fun, giving skiers a glimpse of what it was like to ski at the numerous areas no longer in operation. You won't find any high speed quads or $60 tickets here! Just plenty of great skiing and riding.

The area operates with 2 Pomalifts, a T-bar, and a Rope Tow, all on 1200' of vertical drop...the 6th largest in the state of New York. Seventeen trails for all classes of skiers can be found here.

This slide show introduces this mountain through pictures, from its past in the 1950's up through today. For more information on Hickory, please visit their website, at www.skihickory.html. There, you can read a great detailed history of the mountain.

Many thanks to Lee Fleming and her family for providing old Hickory Photos!

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