Berlin Ski Tow (exact name unknown)


Thanks to P. Dyer, we now know of this ski hill that once operated in the Kensington section of Berlin.

" When I was a teenager growing up in Berlin, CT, I recall my mother telling me about a "ski slope" off of Norton Road in Kensington, CT, behind the current Berlin Lyons Club pool.  I recall her mentioning that there was a rope tow there.  I'm not sure if the ski slope was operated by the Lyons Club or some other organization.  It may have been restricted to town residents or club members.  My guess is that the slope may have been in operation sometime during the 1940's or 1950" 

We also heard from "SwedeRDL" who had some more info:

The ski area was behind the Lions Memorial Pool and was operated by the New Britain Ski Club. There was two rope tows and they even had a ski jump. it was operated 1949 1950 period. 

Does anybody else have any more information?  If so, please let us know!

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