Lakeridge Ski Area
Torrington, CT
1975-Present (though private)

Orginally we though this ski area had closed. However, William O'Meara, a NELSAP reader, informed us that the ski area is still in operation, but is privately owned and operated.  Thus, respect any no trespassing and privacy signs near this area.

This ski area is located at the Lakeridge Association complex in Torrington. The area has a Borvig double chair and 3 intermediate trails on a 300 foot vertical drop. 

Here's some information directly from the Lakeridge Website:

"Winter at Lakeridge is beautiful and when it arrives, Lakeridge skiers head for our very own, on-premises ski area. This is a great place to practice after a long slow summer before heading off to one of the nearby "big mountain" ski slopes like Catamount, Mohawk Mountain or Sun Down.

For the beginners (of all ages), the Lakeridge ski area is where you can develop new skills and techniques under the careful training of our full time ski instructor (who is also a qualified member of the Ski Patrol). A chair lift quickly carries you to the top of the slopes where you'll have a great run on three intersecting intermediate trails.

Tired, want to warm up? At the bottom of the run, just step into the ski lodge where a roaring fire, hot chocolate and friends are waiting. And all of this is just a walk or short minute or two drive from your front door."


A view looking up the ski area, showing the double chair on the right, and a slope on the left. Picture is used with permission from the Lakeridge Website.

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