Lakeside Tow
Lakeside, CT

Years Operated Unknown

Thanks to "TPA44094" we know know of this lost area in Lakeside. Here are his details: I am now living in Ohio but grew up in Connecticut.  There is an old ski area (rope tow) in Lakeside CT. (this "town" has a post office 10 years ago--probably gone by now)  Lakeside is between Bantam and Washington on route 109.  The ski area is on the left as you go east.  It is adjacent to the town "landfill", now an area to recycle.  It was operational when maybe 20 years ago when there was enough snow.  My guess is that the poles and pulleys for the rope tow are still there.  I think it was operated by the town for its residents.  It has a large broad hill with very few trees. 

Anyone else have info on this lost area? Email us.

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