Mixville Tow

Cheshire, CT
Years Operational Unknown

Thanks to Jonathan Whitlock, we now know of this ski area that operated in Cheshire. Here are the details from him:

"There was an area in what is now Cheshire, CT called Mixville. The town has taken it over in recent years and it serves as a swimming and outdoor recreation center in the summer, and a sledding hill in the winter. It originally functioned as a 1 rope tow ski area, started by several Yale students."

To the right is an aerial shot of the area. Thanks to Brandon Hertell for helping to locate the area. 

A view of the base area, showing the "Mixville Recreation Area" sign. Taken December 2002. 
A view of the old slope, now used for sledding in December, 2002. Old rope tow line ran along the right side of slope. Its good to see the slope still being used for winter recreation. Picture courtesy of Brandon Hertell.


Jocelyn Judge: My aunt and uncle and their 3 children lived to the right of the slope as you looked at it. I was very young when they stopped skiing there, but I do remember my cousins going over to ski there (both the ones who lived behind it and the ones who lived next door to me). The rope tow was where you indicated (the right side of the slope). I think a lot of people went there to test out the Christmas gifts and play with their friends, but for real "skiing" people would go to Southington (still in operation) or go farther north. They must have stopped skiing there between 1975 and 1979 (I would have been between 4 and 8 years old) because my cousins would have been old enough to go there and I would have been old enough to remember.

Does anybody else remember this one?

Last update: Oct 16, 2005

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