Harry Weik Recreation Area Ski Tow
Morris, CT
years operated unknown

Thanks to T. Tagan, and "TPA44094" we now know of this ski hill that once operated in the Town of Morris, CT.

"The town of Morris had a rope tow served slope near the landfill that closed in the 70's" - T. Tagan

"There is an old ski area (rope tow) in Lakeside CT. (this "town" has a post office 10 years ago--probably gone by now)  Lakeside is between Bantam and Washington on route 109. The ski area is on the left as you go east.  It is adjacent to the town's transfer station. It was operational some 20 plus years ago when there was enough snow.  My guess is that the poles and pulleys for the rope tow are still there. It has a large broad hill with very few trees." - "TPA44094"

Woodcore visited this lost ski hill in May of 2005 and provided the following report and pictures:

The old rope tow is located in the Lakeside section of Morris, CT, just off CT Route 109. A single rope tow operation that was constructed on public land that is now know as the Harry Weik Recreation Area. The remains of this lost ski hill lie on a SSW facing slope adjacent to the Town of Morris’s transfer station.

Sign for the Harry Weik Recreation Area

Looking up the hill from CT Route 109

Although the hill at present is in the process of being overtaken by a tangle of saplings, vines and underbrush, it appears to have had during it's operating years, two fairly wide-open and well manicured slopes on either side of the rope tow line.

The rope tow was roughly 850 feet long and served a vertical drop of 160 feet. Most of the infrastructure for the tow lift remains intact with the exception of the rope, motor and gear assembly. All the tow poles and wheels are still hanging around on the hill, mostly upright and slowly being overtaken by the forces of nature.

Remains of Rope Tow Drive Building

Rope Tow Guide Wheel

Rope Tow Guide Wheel

Return Wheel at Top of Tow
IMHO, the design of this rope tow is very similar to those at nearby Mohawk Mountain, so it appears that Walt Schoenknect somehow had a hand in the creation of this ski hill, as he did with so many other small areas in Connecticut. Walt was always promoting the feeder areas in hopes that people given the nearby opportunity to experience skiing would eventually take to the sport and venture to his bigger mountains, Mohawk and Mount Snow.

Here's some additional pictures from my visit:

Sign at base of Tow

Possible Reason Rope Tow Was Closed

Looking Down the Rope Tow Line

The Base of The Rope Tow

Topo View of the Rope Tow

Terraserver view of the Rope Tow

Does anybody else have any more information? If so, please let us know!

Last updated: September 5, 2005

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