Nava Hill

Thomaston, CT
years operated unknown

Ryanzenco: Check out "NAVA Hill" in Thomaston. In the mid- to late 1960's and maybe into the early '70's, there was a rope tow at NAVA Hill, either off Walnut Hill Road or off Hickory Hill Road (off Route 254 on the way to Northfield/Litchfield) in Thomaston. It wasn't a BIG hill (a la Mohawk Mountain or Ski Sundown), but it was big enough to have a rope tow, be lighted for night skiing, and be steep enough and fast enough so that a high school friend of mine broke her leg on one run down it and had to be brought down off the hill in the basket!

Jon Regan: There used to be a small ski tow in Thomaston, CT, run by the Nava ski club.  I think just one rope tow. The area was located, I think off Ct Rte 254 on Hickory Hill Road.

Does anybody else have any more information?  If so, please let us know!

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