Mount Nebo
Manchester, CT

Thanks to Jay Pagluica from Ski Blandford,  we now know the complete history of this newly discovered area. Here's the details from him:

Operated by the town of Manchester in the 1960's it had two rope tows. Each serving it's own slope. One easy, one hard. The hard tow (about 600ft) one was very fast and very steep. The easy tow (about 400ft.) went about two thirds of the way up the hill on the side with an easier pitch. It had about a two hundred foot vertical drop. It was accessed by parking in Charter Oak Park. The ski slope was on the north side of the hill. At the base of the south side was a town owned football field that still exists today and has grown to include a rather nice baseball field as well.

In 1967, it was announced that a new divided highway was to pass literally right through where the ski area was. Town officials searched for a new site and Northview was developed two years later.

The entire mountain was gone the next year and one of Connecticut's famous "Highways to Nowhere" was born". Rte. 6 (now I-384) was a 6 lane superhighway to connect the former I-86 (now I-84) in East Hartford to the Willimantic area. The section in Manchester (about a ten mile stretch) and a section in Willimantic was built but due to environmental roadblocks it stopped two miles short of its connection to the west in East Hartford (finally connected around 1990 and became I-384) and went only as far as Bolton to the east where it remains today.

This area was open for night skiing, but did not have snowmaking.

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