New Haven Tow
New Haven
Years operational unknown

Thanks to Michael Hennessey, we now know of this small ski area that operated in New Haven.  Here is what Michael had to share with us:

"When I was a student at Southern Connecticut State College (now SCSU) I used to walk in surrounding areas. Behind the school property near West Rock Park, I found the remnants of a rope tow.  I heard from a local that the city (of New Haven or Westville)
used to operate the tow when snow covered the area."

Michael recently visited this (08/01) area and found out the following: "The site of the tow is now the West Rock Nature Center across from the entrance to West Rock State Park. The ski area was operated by the city of New Haven many years ago. It did have a small warming hut, a tow and three trails.  The remnants of the tow are still there as are the three cut trails. It must have been a nice quite get away virtually four miles from the hustle and bustle of downtown New Haven. Although most of the animals are gone, the Nature Center is still the home of "Jake" a mountain lion who is kept up by a full time caretaker."

Brian Murphy has more info: The new haven site near west rock was part of the West Rock Nature Center. In the summer it had a small zoo, with a mountain lion being the best animal there. In the winter they had a small rope tow and I think it was about a buck for the day. My parents would take me and my 5 brothers there because it was nice and cheap. Its pretty overgrown now but you can still see the towers in the woods where the rope tow was. This was all back in the late 60's early 70's. I can get more info from my brothers and pass it along.

Does anybody else have any more information?

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