Sass' Pond
Wilton, CT

Years operational unknown

NELSAP learned about this area from Chip Simplicio. Here are his details of this former area:

I grow up in Wilton, CT (1977 - 1987). Between Powderhorn Hill Road and Twin Oaks Lane there was at one time a ski hill near what we knew as "Sass's Pond" or "Condline's [sp] Pond". The pond was actually used for water incase of fires for the houses in the area.  As I remember it, there was an old car (don't know the make & model) still there in 1987 which at one time was used as the lift (rope tow).  I remember seeing tow ropes in a warming hut at the top of The Ski Hill.  The Ski Hill, as the neighborhood kids call it, was used for sledding in my time - even though some of us used our skis on it.  I think it must have been something fun in it's day because at the bottom where one would catch the rope tow the builders of The Ski Hill had even built a wooden tow area over a small stream.  I distinctly remember seeing rusted wheels as pulleys on trees and stanchions.  As kids, we would cut small brush (suckers) in the spring and late fall to ensure the path would stay open for us when the snow fell.  I remember hearing that The Ski Hill ceased existence because the original users grew too old for it.  Also, it was at one time open to all the neighborhood families in the immediate area for use.  My friends and I spend many long enjoyable hours on The Ski Hill.

Does anybody else remember this ski area?

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