Norwalk, CT

~Early 1960's

Thanks to Scott Buckley, we now know of this ski area. Here are his details:

My name is Scott Buckley and I grew up in Norwalk Ct. . During the early 1960's, the Silvermine golf course used to run a rope tow on their largest hill. Thinking back; there might have been 200 vertical feet. There was one run, the cost was $1.00, and there was an old jeep parked at the top and the rope was run through old wheels attached to trees.  It was pretty crude but we spent many days learning how to snowplow and run fast and straight.


C. Norcross  As a high schooler, I also skied at the Silvermine golf course rope tow. A single rope tow and, as noted by the first post, had only one rather short run.  If you knew how to ski, it was a very short run (and I'm not at all sure that it had as much as a 200' vertical!  Max of a hundred, I think). But it was lighted for night skiing, open until about 9PM and only cost $1.  A popular place for the local adolescents!

Anybody else remember this one? If so, let us know!

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