Somers Ski Area
Somers, CT

Before 1949-1954

In 1949, a 1000 foot long rope tow served two fast trails and a 1/3 mile trail at the Somers Ski Area. Night skiing was also available Thursday nights. However, the area mainly operated weekend afternoons.

Thanks to Deane and Tim Olmstead, we now know a lot more than just those facts from a guidebook. In fact, their Grandfather, Arthur Olmsted, ran and owned this area! Here are Deane's details:

 It was owned by our Grandfather, Arthur Olmsted. If I remember it was on Wells Road. A flood took out the base and my dad and grandfather never rebuilt it. They used a model T on blocks with a tire off the rim to run the tow. It has been 30  years since I walked the property, but there used to be old stanchions where the rope tow was.

And Tim's:

The area was located on my grandfather's property and he operated it until the flood from the two big hurricanes back to back in fall of 54 [Jeremy's note: Carol and Edna]. They flooded out the rope tow trail and washed away the model t used as the tow engine. The area actually had a dog leg. main slope went up the north face and then turned about 30 degree to the left to the top of the hill. Rope stayed for years in the barn and as kids we played on it for years and used it for fencing our horses.

Anybody else remember this one?

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