NELSAP Internships

NELSAP has grown significantly since I founded the website back in October of 1998. With this growth has come many challenges. From web design to answering email, to researching lost areas to representing the site at ski shows, running the New England Lost Ski Areas Project has become quite an endeavor.

I know that there are many frequent readers of this website that are students in college. With this in mind, I'm starting up a NELSAP internship program for anyone who is interested. Not only will this help you obtain college credit, but the site will continue to grow and prosper. This will be done through your college, and I will work with them for any critical reviews, grades, paperwork, etc.

We do not have any sources of income, so this is is an unpaid internship, and must be done through your educational institution.

Internships can take on many forms, including one or several of the following tasks:

1. Web Design
2. Answering emails; public relations
3. Writing articles for the site
4. Updating existing areas
5. Contacting people for more information
6. Visiting areas/people for oral histories, taking photos, writing articles
7. Representing NELSAP at events
8. Designing graphics for the site

If you are interested, please email Jeremy Davis at

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