Bay Path Junior College
Late 1940's/Early 1950's
Longmeadow, MA

Thanks to Duncan Fordyce, we now know about this area in Longmeadow. Here are his details:  When Bay Path moved to its new campus in 1947, a rope tow was installed for the benefit of the students. Bay Path Junior College was a secretarial school that acquired an estate in suburban Longmeadow (I moved there in 1952) and has since become a 4 year accredited institution. The one rope tow operated for several years and offered on-campus skiing on a c. 150 vertical foot slope from Wheel Meadow Road at the top down towards a small stream (Wheel Meadow Brook) at the bottom. Today, no one at the college knows anything about this operation, but some photos seem to exist in their archives. A long-time resident of this neighborhood remembers this "area" well.

If you have more information on this area just let us know.

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