Big Red
West Newbury, MA
Years Operational Unknown

Thanks to Bob Morency, we now know of this ski area that operated in yet another unlikely MA town, West Newbury. Here are his details on the area:

View of Big Red, from the bottom looking up. This apparently is an upside down mountain, with the parking being at the top. Notice how the trails are very much overgrown. Photo courtesy of Terraserver, found by Betsy McDonough.

There is another area, called "Old Red", which was located along Route 113 in West Newbury, at the site of the old Cushing Academy.  The rope tow shack and the parking lot was located at the top of the hill.  The old rope to mechanism was recently (2-4 years ago) removed.  There is still activity there, which includes snowboarders getting free skiing (no tow up, however), and an occasional late 40's guy (me) catching untracked powder, and exercise getting up the hill.

Jeff Chernick remembers this area: Big Red was a rather steep hill to ski. If were at the bottom looking up there was a trail that branched at the right near the top and then came out near the bottom. It was strictly a rope tow area. Buchika's had a ski shop at the top of the hill. Rt. 113 went by the top of the hill. So you parked your car at the top and skied down. It was more challenging than Bradford was at the time.

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