Black Panther Ski Hill
Huntington, MA
Late 1930's - ?

Black Panther was a fairly major ski area for so early in Massachusetts.  It had a 450 foot vertical drop and the longest tow in the state at 1600 feet.  Thats a long tow!  Imagine trying to hang on for that long.  I'm not sure what happened after 1939, but if anybody knows anything about this early, please let me know.

(Skier's Guide to New England)
Located 5 miles from Huntington on Rte. 112
1/2 mile long slope
30 degree slope, 450 foot drop
NW exposure, needs 6" of snow to ski
50 acres open slopes
1600' ski tow (longest in the state).
25 and 35 meter jumps, two practice jumps

Black Panther Trails
3 intermediate and one expert, three new this year
1/2 mile long, 20 to 40 foot wide slope
50 degree slope, 450 foot drop
NW exposure, needs 8" of snow to ski

New Black Panther Slope
Served by new 400 foot tow, 300 feet wide
15 degree slope
100 foot vertical drop
West exposure, needs 5" of snow to ski
Novice difficulty

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