Boston Indoor Ski School
Orient Heights, Boston, MA
Years Operational Unknown

All around the country and world today people are talking about indoor ski areas. For example, one being built in Anaheim, CA will offer skiing on a 100' drop, magic carpet lifts, 2 halfpipes, and a few slopes. A waterpark will be at the bottom.

But this apparently isn't new. While scanning at the New England Ski Museum, I happened across this booklet:

Here's the ad. A ski tow in Boston? Apparently, it was an indoor ski school, like a hockey rink but tilted. 


MittersillManiac: "Never been there (too young) but I know where it was.  Orient Heights is the hilliest section of East Boston. I think the tallest point is a few hundred feet' above sea level.  The indoor slope was on this hill.  I remember a friend of mine pointing out the building to me once.  Like the brochure says, it's right next to the MBTA station at Orient Heights"

Does anyone else remember this area? Please let us know!

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