Boylston Recreation Department
Boylston, MA
Years Operational Unknown

Thanks to a MA Tramway Report from Kevin Thomas, NELSAP first heard of this area. 

We then heard from Cathy Trahan, who explored this area. Here's what she found out:

I was walking in my back yard and exploring the hillside when I came across what you say is the Boylston Recreation Dept. ski area (MA).

I became curious about this and called a longtime local. Here is what I gleaned thus far...

The hill was called Jenny Frag Hill (don't know if I spelled it correctly) and was in operation for about 10 years. I saw a rock with the year 1950 carved on it, so I'm guessing that this is when it was made.

Worcester Ski Club ran the tow lift service for a number of years until everyone started to head north to ski and no one was motivated to use it anymore.

There was a four sided building, with windows on each side and two wood stoves inside.  A Ford engine ran the tow rope. The engine was on top of train rails put on stone piers. It would overheat if too many people were on the tow rope at one time so they put an expansion tank up on the stone piers, too. There were lights so you could ski at night.

Anybody remember this one?

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