Brandy Brow
Haverhill, MA

Late 1930s-?

Well, here's another unlikely one from Massachusetts.  This area had an 800 foot rope tow, night skiing, and three trails.  This is the only listing for this. This area is not Thunderhead like we once believed it to be.  Anybody heard of this place? If so, let us know.

(Skier's Guide to New England)
Trail number 1
Located: Brandy Brow, 1/10 mile long, 15-25 feet wide
30 degree slope, 200 foot vertical drop
SW exposure
Needs 4" of snow to ski

Trail number 2
1/10 mile long, 20 feet wide, 25 degree slope
200 foot vertical drop, SE Exposure
Needs 6" of snow to ski

Open Slope
2/10 mile long, 500 feet wide
25 degree slope, 200 foot vertical drop
NE Exposure
Needs 8" of snow to ski
Served by 800 foot rope tow
Night Skiing

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