Burnt Hill
Heath, MA

Thanks to Jeremy Clark, we now know of this *almost* ski area in Heath! Here's the details, from his discussion with Robert and Alicia Tripp:

"The construction of a ski area on Burnt Hill in Heath, Massachusetts, started and ended in the 1960s.  Probable causes of it never being completed include lack of funding, and local competition (Thunder Mountain, Chickley Alps).  Some 3 slopes were cut, one of them being the T-Bar line. Only the T-Bar posts and bullwheels, along with a warming hut, were constructed.  The T's themselves were never installed.  The area looked like somewhat of a 9, with a trail crossing across the liftline.   The vertical drop of the mountain was probably around 600 feet (base area elevation ~1200, summit of around 1800 feet), and the exposure was West/Northwest.  The T-Bar was sold to a mountain up in Maine.  This is about all that I know about this mountain thus far (I never knew of the existance, so I haven't looked for the remains yet).   Located off Avery Brook Road, Heath, MA, some 8-10 miles from Berkshire East Ski Area."

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