Wayland High School
Buzzy's Bump

Wayland, MA

We've had quite a few NELSAP readers write in with their memories of Buzzy's Bump!

Anonymous: "Just thought you would be interested to know that the Wayland high school used to run a small rope tow next to the school. The tow went up the side of the hill (actually a large underground water aqueduct as well). The ski team used to practice there until probably the early 80's, I believe insurance costs closed it. The ski team now practices at the 'nearby' Nashoba Valley. A sports field has been built at the base, reducing the vertical to a minimum, but kids still sled on the slope. My senior year at Wayland, as a joke, me and a buddy climbed up the hill, carrying skis, in deep snow, and waited for school to let out and then bombed down the hill. "

B. Keyes: "I remember skiing in the early 70's at Buzzy's bump which had a rope tow at Wayland high school in Mass."

D. Crockett: "An early memory of the ski Tow (circa 1971-72??) ... a fellow named Jamie Marshall procuring some x-ctry skis from the x-ctr team and making a wild run down the "fall line"; ending when the skis snapped into a number of pieces.... also a story related to me from another former Wayland resident involved a young lady getting her hair caught in the tow... anyone remember the details of that incident?"

Gordon Pinkham: "I skied there before the lift was installed through a lesson program that was run by the Ski Club of Wayland.  At that time the Club maintained the hill from cutting brush in the fall to foot packing after a snow fall so that lessons could be given.  The town installed the rope tow in the early 70's.  I remember taking a few rides on it.  It was a tough one because the top of the hill was very steep!  They also made snow for a couple of years.  I don't know what year it stopped operating. "

Anonymous: "The playing field that was constructed at the base ,a few years back (98?) had an area that was always wet, it was found that it was coming from a water line used for the snow making equipment of the late 60's."

Does anyone remember this one? If so, email us!

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