Dave Wright's Ski Area
Shrewsbury, MA
Early 1960's-Early 1970's

Thanks to Keith McKinley, stepson of Dave Wright, we now know of this area in Shrewsbury. Here are his details:

The private ski area owned by David Wright on Spring Street in Shrewsbury started in the early 60's as a small rope tow about 200' long. The trail was just the open side of a small hill and was lighted. I'm not sure how the rope tow was powered.


The second and much longer slope was built in the late 60's and lasted into the early 70's. It consisted of a rope tow about 1200 feet long and was powered at the top by a small 4 cyl gas engine. There were two trails about a 1/4 mile long one was used for race training. A small snowcat helped pack the trails. The slope was not used much after the Wright children began racing at Ward Hill and ultimately shut down when local hunters shot the rope in two!. The rope tow towers and bullwheel remained into the early 90's. My home currently sits at the base of the old hill and a rope tow tower supports our basketball hoop. The top of the old hill is now the site of a home built years ago by Mr. Wright and has views east to Boston.

A topo map showing the original shorter tow,
 and the later longer tow.

Here's an overhead image of the lost area.

The following pictures and commentary are from Keith as well.

Dave Wright and family friend looking up the long trail. Nice garb huh?

Looking down long trail.

Flags at the area.
Engine house at hill top and snow cat off to the side.


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