Deerfield Academy
Deerfield, MA
???-Mid 1980s
Thanks to Jeremy Clark who wrote up this page and took some great photos of this lost area!

Deerfield Academy, considered by many to be the best secondary school in the country, once had its own downhill ski area. The area, which sported about a 175 foot vertical drop, is labeled as "Deerfield Lost" on this topographic map from Microsoft Terraserver:

Here's an overhead view of the trails. Notice that the rope tow lift line is still fairly clear.
To get to it, take the Eaglebrook access road past the middle school, to the top of the hill, and continue until you see a green gate to your right (there will be at least one other gate before this). 

Surprisingly the rope tow towers still stand. The area is growing in quickly, but a nice narrow biking/hiking trail is cut parallel to the lift line. From the top you can see the top of Eaglebrook's Easton Ski Area (look for the snow in this picture). 
Here's a view of the rope tow engine and lift line.

Looking down the relatively clear liftline.
Looking down one of the slopes.

Anyone have any additional information on this one? If so, just let us know.

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