Edgewood Golf Course
Uxbridge, MA
Dates Operational Unknown

Thanks to NELSAP reader Eric Sherman, we now know of this area that operated in Uxbridge.. Here's his description: "There is a golf course in Uxbridge Mass. that has the remains of what was once a rope tow. The name of the course has slipped my mind, Im sure that
there is only one or two courses in Uxbridge. This particular one has only nine holes. Anyhoo, the lift remains are at the top of the 3rd hole,there is an old wooden post with a circular wheel/pully device attached to it,and I'm quite sure that there is a cement slab or some other evidence of a lift about 90-110 vertical feet below. This place would have been a neat place to ski, (simulated western skiing)  I think you would agree if you were to ever visit it."

If anybody else remembers this one please let me know.

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