Fay School
Southboro, MA
1960's-Around 1971

Thanks to a MA Tramway Report from Kevin Thomas, NELSAP first heard of this area.Betsy McDonough and I tried finding it in early 2000, but found little at the school. There's hardly enough vertical at the school to make for an area.

Bob Parsons has worked at Fay School since the early 70s, and has some information on the area: Up until the early 70's Fay would put up a small portable rope tow on a gentle slope next to it's gym. We could teach beginners the basics to skiing. The advance skiers would start out on a pile of snow that added up to 10' to our elevation and ski/skate to various jumps that would send them out over an abrupt drop to a lower playing field. When the mass inspector wanted to increase inspection fees and be paid travel expenses and several years of poor snow, we discontinued the tow.

Anybody else attend Fay School and remember this one?

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