Ferncroft Valley Ski Area
Danvers, MA
Circa Mid 1960's

Thanks to research from John Brady, we now know about this area. Here are his details:

There is an Eastern MA area that was operated briefly in the mid 60's named Ferncroft Valley Ski Area in Danvers, MA. Finding your sight last week sparked my interest and I took a drive through the area last evening trying to find remnants of the area. It was located within one mile of Locust Lawn Ski Area in Danvers/Middleton. Going South on Rt. 95, you take the Rt. 1 South Exit in Danvers. Within 1/4 mile of this exit is the entrance to the Tara Hotel and Conference Center. There is a hill with a housing development behind the hotel, and I think that it was upon this hill that the ski area was located. My memory of it is not clear, but I believe it was an "upside down" ski area with the base lodge located at the top. I recall two rope tows and night skiing. The tows were perhaps 1000 feet long. I drove through the area for some time looking for some remnant of the ski area. From the level of development that has taken place in the form of housing, the hotel and a golf course, it is not surprising that no residual signs ware found.

If you have more information on this area just let us know.

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