Forest Acres
Bradford/Haverhill, MA
?-Mid 1970's

History/Photos ~ Memories


Here's yet another unlikely one in Massachusetts. Thanks to information provided by Kevin Thomas and Jack. B, we have some information on this area. It operated in the Bradford Section of Haverhill, MA, until the mid 1970's. It operated with a rope tow, a semi-wide slope, and a trail. The image on the right is the annotated Terraserver pic, inside the Forest Acres condo complex. The rope tow was 600' long and had a vertical of only 80'!
Andy Gaudet scouted this area out during early October of 2001, and took some great pics. He has confirmed that the area had a rope tow and was owned by the apartment complex.

The following pictures are ones he took. Here's the top of the rope tow.


Andy's brother looking down the rope tow lift line.

Looking down the main trail.


Bob Martin: I came across your website and was shocked to see the lost Forest Acres rope tow. I lived at Forest Acres from 1975-1978 and I remember that little hill. It was unique in that it was free to residents. The main "draw" were the cross country trails throughout the area at the top of the hill. I remember it being a pretty large area, or at least it seemed large to a twelve year old. You could rent cross country ski's & boots from the Clubhouse, they might have even been free. The hill was so tiny that you could ski down it with the cross country skis. I remember breaking a ski in a rather nasty fall. Ironically enough I worked for a company that ran huge youth ski/snowboard trips later in life. Seeing that trail was a pleasant memory.

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