Hale Reservation
Westwood, MA

We had heard from one reader that a T-bar operated here once, but communications from Hale Reservation now confirm that there was not an area here. There were some cross country runs at one point.

Elisha F. Lee, Jr., President of Hale Reservation has more information:  It is a 1,100 acre tract of woodland which is open to the public for most (non-mechanized) recreational uses. For a few years during the 1970ís, I think, they may have rented cross country skiing equipment on a daily basis. A couple of snowless winters probably ended that program, although visitors can still ski there using their own equipment. There were never any facilities for downhill skiing, and it never had a T-bar.

Hale Reservation does have a webpage, at www.halereservation.org

If you have more information on this area just let us know.

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